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Selection Services

Our role is to ensure that clients are given the necessary support to enable them select the best candidates. Our involvement is to ensure proper selection and placement of the best candidates. We do the following:

• Resourcing Strategy design and delivery – Strategy for recruitment (Headhunting, Advertisements or Candidate database/pool.

• Determine the Role of the Personnel in the company: Before a Job description is written; we will conduct and determine the critical incidents of each role by a process called Role competency profiling & Technical Job Analysis.

• Pre-employment screening services (including regulated referencing requirements)

• Competency based interviewing: Determine the Competencies and skills required by the ideal candidate and use this to prepare interview questions

• Psychometric testing - both personality and ability measurement

Pre-employment screening services (including regulated referencing requirements)

Objective: Getting the Best People

People are an organisations greatest asset, so getting it right from the start is essential to the success of any establishment. Selecting the best fit for a role poses many challenges and organisations are recognising the cost of getting recruitment decisions wrong.

Typical Client Challenges:

- Deciding on a framework for the selection methods or process to be used
- Lack of resources for carrying out professional selection.

Our Solution:

We offer a range of recruitment and selection services to help our clients have the confidence of knowing that they are taking every opportunity to select the right people for their organization.

Such services include:
Aptitude test administration
Psychometric testing
Competency based interviewing


In addition to our selection services, we have  a highly qualified team of profiling experts to provide our clients the opportunity to objectively predict the potential of selected candidates or existing employees. This predictive capacity is also applicable to retention and development of employees.

" Profiling" is the collective name for online personality questionnaires and screening tools. We have access to these tools.
Profiling individuals and/or teams, enhances the understanding of strengths, developmental needs and fit with the organization or position. It therefore provides valuable information for the individual; and also gives the organization insight on the return on investment of the individual.

The profiling report will provide a psychological portrait of each person who completes the questionnaire and will enable the use of the various sections to help screening and objective selection of employees with the right fit for your organization. By pre-screening candidates using the online profiling system, any organisation can speed up its recruitment process. This will provide you with a more robust means of taking the guesswork out of recruiting by providing an objective, fair and quantifiable appraisal of a potential candidate’s ability to be successful in a role, reducing selection mistakes, lowering recruitment costs and enhancing long-term development.

The information from profiling also helps individuals to become more self-aware in managing their own development; this can be very motivational for existing staff, and attractive to potential staff.



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Be advised that we do not send unsolicited offers of employment and will never ask for upfront payment from a candidate as a pre-condition to be considered for employment. We do not request prospective employees to cover the cost of work permits or other permits in the country of deployment.

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